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Wedding Planning Articles

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Engagement Gifts, Bridal Shower Gifts and Wedding Gifts
for Brides and Grooms

Ideas for Creating Meaningful Engagement Gifts Wish Lists,
Bridal Shower Gifts Wish Lists and Gifts Wish Lists for the Wedding Day

An Engagement Gift Put Her in Business, So Now She is a Stay at Home Mom.
A Wedding Scrapbook -The heirloom gift to be handed down for generations


Articles and information for planning a wedding day

The following are articles for brides and grooms
and all who are interested in weddings.


Wedding Planning      A Wedding Planner Do We Need One?
Wedding Planning Wedding Planning How to choose a Wedding Site.
Wedding Planning Choosing accommodations for Bride and Groom, Family and Guests.
Wedding Planning    How to choose destination wedding locations.
Wedding Planning    How to choose wedding musicians and entertainment.
Wedding Planning   How to choose a wedding florist - floral designer and - or decorator.
Wedding Planning   What to ask a wedding florist - floral designer and - or decorator.
Wedding Planning   How to choose a wedding photographer - videographer.
Wedding Planning   What to ask wedding photogrphers and videographers.
Wedding Planning   How to choose a personalized wedding poetry vendor.
Wedding Planning   What to ask a personalized wedding poetry vendor.
Wedding Planning   Wedding planning so simple - why didn't I think of it?


Planning Your Wedding - GENERAL

NEW      Wedding Planning Questions from Brides and Grooms - and Answers Too
NEW      Planning a Perfect Wedding Day
NEWPlanning Your Wedding All By Yourself, The Three Ring Wedding Binder Way
NEW      Wedding Cakes Trends in the 21st Century
NEW      Current trends in wedding accessories and celebration
NEW      On a Budget? Have you Considered A Friday Evening Wedding?
NEW      A Home Dream Wedding or Party on a budget
NEW      A Timeshare For My Wedding
Who's Wedding Is It Anyway? Grooms and wedding planning
Wedding Planning Shared by Bride and Groom
Wedding timetable
NEW      Current trends in wedding accessories
Journal your way to the altar and beyond
Preparing for your Wedding Part 1
Preparing for your wedding Part 2
Stretch Your Wedding Budget
Wedding Planning - A Wedding Day Schedule

Wedding Planning - No Kids in Our Wedding

Preserve Your Wedding Memories Online:
You're Making Your Wedding List.... What Have You Forgotten?
Outdoor Tent Weddings
Enhance Your Wedding with Candles
Bible verses for your wedding
Ideas for Wedding Program
Streaming Videos
How to Hire a DJ
Popular Reception Music Selections
For Traditional Events

More Informative Wedding Articles!

How to Choose a Wedding Date

Choosing Your Wedding Date
Lucky in Love - Lucky in Marriage - 777 the Most Popular Wedding Date in Years
NEW      Good Fortune x3, for Eternity - Your Wedding Date on 8.8.8.

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses! Tips for brides and bridesmaids
How to save money on wedding dress or gown and attire

Caring for your Wedding Gown

Part I - Your Wedding Gown Care and Preservation options.
Part II - How to choose and what to expect of the preservation professional.
Part III - How to care for your gown after it has been preserved.
Gown Carrying and Preservation Bag


Print Your Own Wedding Invitations and Stationery

FAQ About Printing Your Own Invitations and Stationery.
Invitations and wedding stationery etiquette

wedding stationery tips, wedding invitation tips
and etiquette for Addressing Invitations

Original Wording for Wedding Invitations.

Verses to add to Wording of Wedding Invitations - Coming soon.
Make Your Own Stationery Instructions. .


Wedding Customs & Traditions

Celtic Love Symbols
Jewish Wedding Rituals, Customs and Traditions
Wedding Quilt - Chuppah, A Gift of Love
African American Customs and Traditions
Catholic Wedding Customs and Traditions
Latin and Mexican Wedding Customs and traditions of Love
Archaic Rituals In Todays Weddings
Japanese Weddings
You May Now Kiss The Bride


Wedding Memories

NEW      Wedding Scrapbooking for Family History

Treasure Your Wedding Memories


Wedding Attire and Jewelry

NEW      styles of wedding gowns
NEW      How to Choose Wedding Jewelry and Hair Accessories
Selecting Men's Formalwear For The Wedding.
The Bridal Party Wedding Attire
What you should know about pearls
Wedding Veils
How To Choose A Headpiece